Mythology is the first published book by Helen Boswell,
Book description:
Hope Gentry doesn’t believe in Fate. Born with an unusual power to see the dark memories of those around her, Hope just wants to be a normal teenager. But on the first day of her senior year of high school, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to a transfer student named Micah Condie. At first glance, Micah seems like a boy that most girls would dream about. But when Hope's powers allow her to discover Micah's darkest secret, she quickly becomes entangled in the lives of mythical entities she never dreamed existed. Was this her destiny all along? And will her powers help her survive the evil of the Demon Impiorum?

Mythology isn’t just for English class anymore
 Vendetta is the first instalment in the Amaranthine Blood series.
Book description: 
                “The odd scent she’d picked up earlier, combined with this girl’s unnatural speed, suddenly clicked in her mind. Rage flooded her when she realized what it meant.

They've turned her, she thought as she followed the girl into the woods. They turned a child and set her loose to hunt her. Sick.”

When the immortals have an eternity, the games they play become more macabre. It’s Sanaan’s job, and personal mission, to see the game’s masters annihilated. After all, they are the same people who destroyed her life and all her hopes for the future, creating a monster with an obsessive need for revenge.

Vendetta is the first book in Amaranthine Blood series—the tale of a vampire whose only desire is to annihilate the Xul, once and for all. Sanaan thinks she’s got it under control, until the arrival of a stranger finds her precariously balancing on a knife’s edge between change and a descent into darkness. And there’s more going on in the fight than she ever knew—things that could change the course of the world’s fate forever
Insurrection is the second instalment to the Amaranthine Blood series by Elise Valente.                     
Book description :                                                                          
Now outed as Amaranth's Heir, Sanaan is forced to play the pet hero for the Liderii. But the Xul haven't stopped their incursions, and Samael is still working on his own plan of world domination. With her government corrupted from the inside, and intrigue and danger lurking around every corner, Sanaan will try to stop the darkness that is heading for them all.

But Sanaan and her friends are her enemies' targets, and battles keep getting thrown her way. Her brushes with death increase as her rage grows, and time is running out for her and all the Amaranthine. Will she be able to fulfill her destiny, or will the ruin heading their way destroy Sanaan and all she loves?


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