Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thank You!

Dear Readers,

  We'd like to take some times to expresses our deepest gratitude to the fellow authors that this blog is dedicated to, Helen Boswell, Elise Valente. We both decided to start this blog, because we both have become fans of their books. We have become great friends with these too incredibly talented ladies; they both are very sweet, and down to earth. They both take the time to actually talk to their fans, and build friendships with them. They are very modest when it comes to their success, even the littlest gesture from a fan will brighten their day, especially if you give them chocolate.

THANK YOU! Helen and Elise, for writing such great books, books that have touched our lives, and will forever be in our hearts. Your fans shall always be with you no matter what happens, they shall always be there to raise you up when people try to bring you down! Love you guys!!

We will be with you every step of the way, even on the days that you will have writers block; we will be there to encourage you both! We will be your personal cheerleaders!

Love from your biggest fans!

Jazzy and Megan



  1. You know I love you guys, right! I mean like great big 'ol love!!! And of course, the chocolate is also a very appreciated thing, LOL.

    You are two wonderfully talented & beautiful ladies with hearts of gold. Thank you from the entirety of my heart!

  2. Thanks sweets ^_^ <3 we really did mean every word of it!!xoxox-Meg

  3. I'm floored by all of this. You are truly two of the most generous people I know -- to give back to me and Elise in this way. Love you two, and thank you for supporting me and Elise in our writing and in life. It means the world to us...

    1. We are more then happy to do this for you two ^_^, you guys are amazing, sweet and so kind, so we are happy to share your talent with the world <3 we love you too xoxo