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Interview/Chat With Damon!!!

Meg and I, had the chance to interview Damon from the Amaranthine Blood Series! Instead of posting this as a regular interview, we decided to post the transcript of the chat, since we had multiple people asking questions! There are some spoilers, so be cautious when you read it, if you do not want some spoilers! 


Meg: so what's it like to be a vampire?

Damon Medici: Having never been human to begin with, it's kind of hard to describe. Of course, we have the blood cravings like, ALL the time. We're taught how to control those early on. But the strength, speed, and so on just seems normal to me. Humans seem really weak in comparison!

Jazzy: Aren't you curious at all, what it is like to be a human? 

Damon Medici: Somewhat. My mother was human, so I have some idea of what it was like for her, but she died when I was a teenager. I don't know that I could have been as brave as her, denying the immortality my father offered her that could have saved her. I don't know that I could have been as brave as she was.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for her courage and determination.

Meg: What's the best about being what you are? And true but I bet it still hurts

Damon Medici: The best thing about being me? Helping people. Whether it's protecting them from the bad guys, or healing their hearts, nothing makes me happier than that.

Meg: Aww that's so noble *swoon*

Damon Medici: I miss my mum every day. But she's always with me, in my heart.
 LOL, no fainting!

Jazzy: I think that is a very unique quality you have, not a lot of vampire's are willing to do that for people

Damon Medici: True. Not all of them have empathy, either. I can literally feel another person's emotions as if they were my own. Because of that, I can understand their pain in a way other people can't.

Meg: Exactly jazzy

Meg: That would be interesting to have that gift; I'd love to be able to help people like that

Damon Medici: It can be overwhelming at times. Especially before I learned to control it, I would get physically ill if a person's emotions were very strong.
Meg: oh wow

Jazzy: I think more people in this world need empathy

Jazzy: Wow that must have been very hard to deal with

Meg: They really do

Damon Medici: I think it would be helpful if people could feel the pain they inflict on others. I would imagine more people would think twice about being cruel if that was the case.

Meg: There isn't enough of it in the world anymore

KBridget777: There really isn't.

Jazzy: I agree with you both 100%

Meg: Too true Damon but I don't think people would change even then, when you have a black heart it’s almost always permanent

Damon Medici: There are always those who will seek power and domination over doing the right thing. That's why people like me exist--to stop assholes like that!

KBridget777: Do you have any favorite past times? Things you like to do when you're not protecting people?

Damon Medici: Sanaan. Is that an acceptable answer? LOL! Her and, of course, my Xbox. Hanging out with friends, going to movies and concerts, normal stuff. OH and hunting. LOVE HUNTING.

Meg: Hunting what??!!And you are terrible Damon *slaps your arm*hahah

KBridget777: Do you have any favorite weapons for hunting?

Damon Medici: HAHAHA! Hunting wildlife--usually deer, elk, and etc.Occasionally bears. The times we get to let the vampire inside loose and go crazy drinking blood, while at the same time thinning out the wildlife population and protecting the environment.

Damon Medici: Weapons? Yeah, my claws and my canines

KBridget777: No archery or guns, just your own natural or (Supernatural) skill set. Cool!

Damon Medici: Well, when the populations get too big, the animals will die from either disease or starvation. We give them a nice, quick death.  Yes, our speed and sneakiness, plus our natural-born weapons!

KBridget777: Probably better he eats them than US, you guys. 
Meg: Idk if he wants to take a bite out of me I'm ok with that ahhahha

Damon Medici: I would never! Only the Xul eat people, because the Xul are assholes. Normally, we drink blood from farm animal slaughters.
 LOL Megan!

Jazzy: Out of all the countries you have been to, which country was your favorite?

KBridget777: ha ha! I was going to ask how "Xul" is pronounced and autocorrect changed it to Cult! Silly autocorrect!

Damon Medici: That's a tough one. I've been to several, and I love them all for different reasons. I would have to say the U.S., because Sanaan, of course, and Canada, because of all the wonderful wilderness (and moose, moose are good eating!).
 LOL! Xul = Zool in pronunciation.

Meg: What's your favorite thing about Elise and why?

Damon Medici: Even when she writes plotlines I HATE, she keeps me laughing. Only she can put ridiculousness into a serious story and make it work!
 Like the cabinets, for instance. Sanaan's all pissed off and scary, but John's effing cabinets get the attention.

Jazzy: Even when she pisses you off? Lol

Meg: Hahah you love everything she writes don't lie that's very true, she’s very talented and bwahahahah

Meg: cabinets are very important Damon how do you not know that lol hahah

Damon Medici: Yes, even when she pisses me off, LOL. And yes, according to John, cabinets are next to godliness!

Damon Medici: LOL!

KBridget777: Elise has mentioned she has house ghosts. How do you get along with Frank and Ghost Kitty?

Damon Medici: They don't bother me. I actually find it more entertaining watching the humans get all excited over it every time one of the ghosts does something.
KBridget777: What do you do when Elise is at school or somewhere she can't spend time with you? Do you wait patiently for her to return to, your stories or do you try to talk to her while she is doing other things?

Damon Medici: I talk to her ALL the time. She often has to tell me to shut up and leave her be. The rare times I'm not bothering her, it's because she's writing or I'm babysitting the kitten.

Meg: You are described as being gorgeous and somewhat have the bad boy look, so when people find out your are sweet and kind what kind of reaction do you get? What's it like to have girls fall at your feet?  hahah

Damon Medici: HAHAHA! In the vampire world, I'm no better looking than the rest of them, because they're all gorgeous. Getting hit on by the human ladies happens quite a bit, and it's flattering!

Jazzy: So towards the end of Vendetta, we learn why Sanaan is so important, did you know that before you started helping Sanaan and John? 

Damon Medici: I didn't know. I only had the feeling there was a lot more in store for her, stuff I couldn't even guess at, but I knew it was important. And I knew I would play a big part in helping her embrace it.

Jazzy: I was kind of shocked myself, but it was a good shock. Now don't hurt me, but when I started reading Vendetta, it felt like the book was going to mixture of the hunger games and Underworld lol

Meg: Aww, and omg Jazzy same here that's so true it really did feel like that!!!! If there was any realm you would go to which one would it be? And why?

Damon Medici: LOL! No hurting from me, promise I can definitely see elements of both stories in Vendetta.

Jazzy: When the books was talking about letting humans run and getting chased by vampire's, I was like oh shit, where is Katniss lol But I love the books!!!

Damon Medici: I don't think we even know how many realms are out there! I would at least like to go back and visit the one I was unconscious in. Sanaan seemed to think it was a nice place, and it would've been great to be awake to see it. Plus, I'd like to thank the lady for helping to save my life.

Meg: Hahahah

Damon Medici: LOL Jazzy! Yes, it is similar. But that was actually part of the dream Elise had, believe it or not!
Meg: It did seem very peaceful if you could picture any realm what would it be?? Im curious lol and seriously that's wicked!!

Damon Medici: Yes. She dreamed of an announcer who was giving a play-by-play of the hunt over a radio. So that's where the idea came from.

Damon Medici: I'd like to know if there's a heaven-type realm out there. That would probably be the coolest place ever to go to.

Jazzy: I would like to see a heaven type realm

Damon Medici: I think we all would. A place of peace and love, with nothing to worry about. That's everyone's dream come true, I think.

Damon Medici: And I could so get in!

Jazzy: I agree with you!!!! I think that everyone's heaven-realm would be different, depending on what they think heaven is like

Meg: I don't know, I think it would be private, I don't think we would be allowed to see it, it might give things away

Damon Medici: Well, if you believe our legends, we were created by the Gods themselves. If that truly is the case, then yes, we go to heaven.

Meg: Hell would freeze over if that happened lol it would be the greatest thing ever and if you go bring us

KBridget777: Do you enjoy Twitter? What was your first reaction when you set up your account?

Damon Medici: Twitter is...interesting, lol. I was ordered to set up my account by my author. I wasn't too thrilled at first, but I've really come to enjoy chatting with everyone. Plus, it gives me a public place to bitch about what my author's doing to my life.

Jazzy: I bet with book 2 LOL!

KBridget777: And you get tons of sympathy.

Damon Medici: You have NO IDEA, Jazzy! And Book 3...I give Elise all kinds of hell over it. "New guy" my ass.

Damon Medici: Yes, I do enjoy the sympathy, especially from all the lovely ladies. Yes, I'm a flirt and I admit it.

Meg: You have a tattoo what is it for? Does it have a meaning? And what made you get it??

Damon Medici: The tattoo is in homage to my homeland's history. I was born and raised in the UK, and the Celts were a powerful warrior people who once held great sway over the lands. The tattoo is of their symbols, and represents strength, connection to nature and the earth, and inner spirituality.
 It reminds me that we all have a greater purpose, whether we realize it or not, and it reminds me that none of us is truly alone--we are all connected to one another and to the world around us.
Meg: Wow that's intense and so are truly one of a kind

Damon Medici: Thank you!

Meg: Have you ever loved someone else before Sanaan?

Damon Medici: Yes, I have. Not like I love Sanaan, though. I'm bonded to her. But I did have a very intense relationship, one that did not end well.

Meg: Oh really I'm sorry to hear that hun , will we learn what happened in the series?

KBridget777: What does it mean to be "bonded"? Was a ritual involved or was it an automatic thing?

Damon Medici: It's an automatic thing. When a vampire/hybrid meets their soul mate, it's an instantaneous and permanent connection that forms between the two people. It's such a deep connection that if one of the bond mates dies, the other usually chooses to kill themselves rather than live without them.

Meg: Id love to find a love like that

KBridget777: Wow that's very intense!

Jazzy: Me too

Damon Medici: It is very intense. And yes, it seems very idyllic, but the reality can be difficult. If two bond mates have a serious disagreement over something, it can be emotional torture until the two of them work out their differences. They don't have the option to leave--they are forced by the bond to work things out, or they suffer.

Damon Medici: So it's not all sunshine and rainbows

Meg: So will we ever find out what happened with you are your ex? And will we learn more about you later on in the series?

Damon Medici: And you will learn about the past relationship I had in the novella my author's planning to write

Meg: Wooohoo that's exciting, I can't wait to get my book back from Elise

Damon Medici: Yes, there will be more about me and some of it stuff that's going to be really hard to see put out there. I'm not perfect, and you all will find that out soon enough.
 The third book is mostly done, according to my author. The novella's been started so it should come out soon after Awakening does.

Meg: What's the best thing about having fans? What's the best thing a fan has ever done?
Damon Medici: The best thing about having fans is that I'm an attention whore, so I LOVE getting the love from everyone. The best thing that the fans have done? Being fans. They are incredibly awesome to talk to

Jazzy: Aww, thank you! But you are awesome!

Meg: It's great to know that we the fans are appreciate

Damon Medici: Thank you! I absolutely appreciate the fans. I never once thought my & the rest of the Amaranthine's story would touch so many people.
Jazzy: What is one thing that many people do not know about you?

Damon Medici: At the risk of getting smacked by my author for this, I have not been the nicest person in the past. I may have even killed someone out of anger.

Damon Medici: Yes, but I still feel guilty over it. I had my reasons, but those don't make it ok.

Meg: I'm not that shocked

Damon Medici: That's good to know. I can tell you this--just because I'm an empath, it doesn't mean someone can't fool me. I learned my lesson, though. And that's all I can say about it--you'll have to read for yourselves in a few months!

Meg: we all make mistakes but as long as we work at being better then that's what matters
Meg: What's your fav movie?
Damon Medici: That's a hard question. I love so many! I'm going to have to go with Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. GREAT martial arts film.

Jazzy: Which decade has been your favorite?

Damon Medici: My favorite decade? The 60's. Lots of good social movements happened then.

Meg: Sweet

Damon Medici: And there were lots of boobies being flashed.

Jazzy: LMAO!
Meg: if you could do anything right now what would it be?

Damon Medici: Answering that might be a spoiler for you. Not for Jazzy, though. Still want me to answer?

Meg: Yes

Damon Medici: I would get back to Sanaan's side and shred anything that tried to take me away from it again.

Jazzy: AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! That makes me want to cry!


Damon Medici: It kills me that I'm not there. She NEEDS me, as much as I need her.

Meg: What the hell happened????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Damon Medici: Not telling. You're going to have to read about it.

Jazzy: It killed me reading it!!!!!!

Damon Medici: It killed me happening to me. LMAO (inside joke)


Jazzy: Hahaha!

Damon Medici: Oh wait and a third surprise. Yes, there's three major surprises total. 

Meg: You have a baby?

Jazzy: Is it April yet?! Hahaha

Damon Medici: No, no babies. Not yet, anyway

Jazzy: Probably engagement

Meg: Hmmm

Damon Medici: I'll just say this--you will be oh so happy & surprised, then unbelievably shocked and surprised, then happy/sad surprised.

Meg: Ugh

Jazzy: Thank god for anxiety meds lol

Damon Medici: LMAO

Damon Medici: I guarantee you won't guess what the shocker surprise is, and it will slap you upside the face. After that, I can't predict what you guys will think of it.

Damon Medici: And then in Book 4...well, an even HUGER shocker.

Jazzy: BOOK 4?!?!?!

Damon Medici: Yes, Book 4. Doesn't have a title yet, but Elise is already working on it too 

Meg: and yay BOOK 4

Meg: What's the craziest thing you have ever done?
Damon Medici: LOL! The craziest thing I didn't even mean to do. It's when my teleportation kicked in. I was about 10 or so, and I'd had a nightmare. Blinked right into my parents' bedroom while they were, um, engaged in marital activities. Started screaming because I wasn't sure how I got there or what they were doing, which in turn scared the crap out of them. Dad fell off the bed, naked.

Meg: O.M.G that's crazy

Meg: Yet sooooo funny

Meg: Poor you though hah

Damon Medici: Dad and I still laugh over it. They had to calm me down, get dressed, figure out how I got past a locked door, and then explain the facts of life. It was an interesting evening!

Damon Medici: At the time, yes. I was then promptly enrolled in classes with an experienced teleporter, and warned to not ever enter their bedroom that way again. I was only too happy to comply, especially when I understood what it was they were doing in there!
Meg: But before I go boxers or briefs?
Damon Medici: Boxer briefs

After the chat, we found out Damon wears black boxer briefs!
Thank you again Damon for letting us chat with you!!! Remember you can follow him at @DamonMedici  and Elise at @EliseValente 

Jazzy and Meg xoxo

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